tierra grew up in lower manhattan in awe of her surroundings. with the architecture, many art galleries, and boutiques in the area, she was quick to find her own means of dabbling in her own artistic nature. her own mother owning one of those little boutiques, little tia was found to play the part of a minor troublemaker. wanting to play fashionista before she understood anything about matching and colors, she was trying to pull clothing off racks and mix them all up for herself. strutting around in heels that were far too large for her. these things were to be expected from having a small child in a store, it was simply little tia's exuberance for life and outgoing nature that really pushed her mother's buttons for it. the clean up that would be required and the looks gained from some customers. the smile on tia's face over it all, it was difficult for her mother not to melt and really scold her for these things she knew better than to do. her only child allowed to wonder the store as tia's father was out working his own job at a radiologist's office.

there was nothing special about her grades, even as she grew older and moved through middle school to high school. only how her focus centered more and more into more specific areas of art and the tools she would use. her work at her mother's boutique would not be like it was when she was younger. a better salesperson that came shining through as she gave customers better ideas that worked for their figures. she brought a type of value to it all, and her parents were more proud of her there as she gained an understanding of time, money, and investment or seemed to.

college was an interesting time for her as she held her own freedoms. this came with the good and the bad. where she didn't take off and head somewhere distant for school, her parents being in the area, she never went to them for anything she needed or wanted. treating everything as separate as she could because she was a grown up now and this was how grown ups were supposed to act. picking up hobbies and using them to help make extra money to not end up eating nothing but ramen and hot dogs through it all did her some good. from small accessories to graphic design. even small apps that she went nowhere really but she is still quite proud of.

a few years later, she met someone she thought she connected with, but things didn't turn out as well as she thought. an unwanted pregnancy spawned into something else. having to actually deal with this person and she wasn't entirely sure if this was something she wanted to do. her parents were surprised once she found it in herself to admit what happened. only her own version anyway. she was so sure that she could handle everything on her own but he deserved to know. it was only fair, just as she had to with her parents. she held the hope of maybe it would make things better. that there was this little life in her that was a type of light. this level of positive thinking was something she held and actually progressed with her pregnancy until she had a tiny body in her arms.

two years later and selena nevah is really her everything. she balances out her work schedule and time with her daughter as best as she can. with family to be there to help, things are easier but selena is forever that one place that causes anxiety. wanting everything to be just right for her and to watch her grow and develop in the best ways.

facts ★ committed to dance from the ages 5 to 9 and gymnastics from 10 to 14.
★ has a great sense of humor and it is hard to really upset her, though when she does get angry, watch out. she might start throwing things.
★ picky about her tea and coffee, but makes a point to have coffee and juice in the morning. tea and water is for the rest of the day.
★ owns a comic book collection that she keeps hidden in her closet.
★ she is a very tidy person. she has no issues with being dirty but likes things put back in just the right places. she doesn't gripe about others not doing that, but can be found fixing things where ever she goes, to straighten a picture, etc.
★ her middle name was given to her in honor of her maternal grandmother who died after a fatal heart attack, when tia was 6 years old.
★ personality: isfp / sanguine-phlegmatic / type 2