Super Squishy
Real Name
Ciro Raymone Castillo
Ciro "Loves Butts" Castillo
American/Mexican Duel
Place of Birth
Sleepy Hollow, NY
Stem Program Volunteer Coordinator
Masters in Astronomy
Physical Attributes
Level 9 Keysmash
Making people smile
Unlimited heart space
Chonies dropper
Super strength
Cuteness factor

Super Squishy from planet pantydropper flew in by ship. From the rays of this sun, he found he was able to wield the powers of persuasion, charm, and the ever watchful designated eye of all around so that others throw their chonies at him. And the strength to handle that rather large pile; that shit can get heavy. Loads of laundry in one go.

Super Squishy is a walking keysmash. It's like chonies being flung except he attracts the keysmash.

He spent much of his life questioning about where he really came from, only to search the skies for what he wasn't finding on this world. Not that he went unloved, but something about this place wasn't right. His own powers, he did his best not to abuse them as he came to realize what they were. In the cosmos, he found a life of untold stories, including those that spoke of his own birth and travels. Everything that led him to where he is now.

As he grew from boy to man, he learned to best handle his own abilities, believing in the best in people. Wanting to see that good and to try and do what he could to be a hero when there were so few. Learning more about himself, through trials and miscalcuations, he became a better man and a better hero. Committing to the good in his own heart, and allowing it to outwardly shine. His efforts went overlooked by media and some friends alike, but he continued on.

Ciro "Loves Butts" Castillo, he struggled and strived for the better parts of humanity and himself. He planted a seed in the world, attempted to become something greater, and even through it all, he flourished, growing into more than he ever expected. The way his heart grew, confounding others to a state they did not understand. The beauty of it all coming full circle as he met people that he felt would accept him and love him for the way that he was and not for the sake of utilizing his own powers and abilities for their own whims.